"The first MySql connected Blockchain"

POS & SHA-256 Proof of work 


-Latest Version: 0.8.2F
-Unit: HUM
-Algorithm: POS
-Proof: POW / POS-2022
-Total Coins: 8,000,000,000 //Human Population Estimate by 2025

Proof of Stake

-POS Activated: Block 2600
-POS Reward: 84% Annual – 7% Monthly

-POS Minimum Stake Age: 61 Blocks 
-Pos Maximum Stake Age: Unlimited 

Proof of Work

-POW Total Blocks: 2,500,000
-POW Reward: 10,000 coins
-POW Spacing: 2 Minutes
-POW Retarget: 4 Minutes 
-POW Halving: Every 250,000 blocks 

HumanityLink is a decentralized commonwealth database system with a total target of 8 Billion coins to be issued by 2025.

An MySQL database will be connected to the blockchain and
document the evolution of human population and accomplishments. Users hold the keys to their own coins and transact directly with the help of a P2P POW and Future POS network to check for double-spending.

A few things we’re great at

A database for humanity’s achievements.

The HumanityLink database will document the evolution of human population by tracking and storing the progress of humanity. Important events will have their own timestamp and will be indexed in a searchable database for future documentation and research.

Fast Transactions

Transaction Network Speed: ~1 Second
Transaction Network Confirmation: ~2 Minutes
Transaction Maturity: 6 Blocks
Mining Coinbase Maturity: 60 Blocks

International nodes always connected.

Currently there are 4 hard nodes with 1gb/s connection in Oslo, in Jakarta, in Seoul and in Seattle.
There are 9 hard nodes with 100mb/s connection, Oslo, Jakarta, Montreal, Perth, Hong Kong, Paris, Athens, Instabul, Torino, and Sao Paolo. 

Instamine Protection Algorithm

Because of the high proof of work reward, HumanityLink is a target to profit switching pools. If a rise of 250% or more of hashrate has been detected, a hardcoded difficulty algorithm predicts and extends the time of future blocks by 100% to 1000%. 

Frequent Asked Questions

Why Sha-256 in 2018? 
A database system benefits from high hashrate for optimal stability and SHA-256 asics can provide the highest IOPS than any other algorithm currently. 
With the abundance of older asic hardware; USB miners, blockerupters, or earlier antminer models, the blockchain can have enough hashrate to be stable and also give a purpose to older and currently unprofitable devices per btc/bch difficulty.

When will the POW(mining) end?  
When the POW is completed (Aprx. 10 Years) the POS will switch down to ~1.85% annually to maintain the increase in population
on par with the international standards on humanity statistics

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Roadmap #1

Our after-launch roadmap and targets.

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