HumanityLink Group Blockchain

Airdrop Event #4

Each entry will be eligible for 99 HUM

Registrations are open from:

Sunday 13th 23:59GMT until Saturday 19th 23:59GMT

*no entry is valid after the dates above.


Each week 3 Top Prizes will also be awarded with an SHA-256 randomizer.

Prize 1:  999 HUM

Prize 2:  666 HUM

Prize 3:  333 HUM



*Winners will be announced at 23:59 GMT Sunday 20th of May
*Payments will start going out on Monday 12:00 GMT 21th of May
*Email address is required for registration to; a) notify top winners, b) as a way to regulate unfair amount of entries, c) no spam or email will ever be sent back this is a no-reply mailbox.
*Past winners: bitcointalk.orgtopic=3052


Play fair and thank you for supporting the HumanityLink database project.